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PHYSICIAN: General Referral Form

PHYSICIAN: Pelvic Health Referral Form

With support and recommendations from over  65 physicians and specialists from the Garden Island and throughout the State of Hawaii, Ohana Sports Medicine has built a reputation for being responsive, professional, and highly-skilled in the practice of physiotherapy. We specialize in treating the most complex of patients, including delicate surgical repairs, all levels of athletes, and workman’s comp claims, with a focus on getting our patients back to the demands of daily life and work.

From the onset, all of our patients receive a thorough, highly-detailed evaluation, to identify the cause of the symptoms they complain of.  Based on information gathered from the evaluation, a customized treatment plan is developed and documented and the patient is provided with a home program to maintain all gains made with physical therapy.  The patient’s progress is recorded with daily notes with ongoing re-assessments and evaluations of his/her improvements. We take pride in keeping in constant communication with all of our referring physicians to ensure the patient receives the most optimal level of care.

Ohana Sports Medicine accepts most major insurances, and works with physicians to streamline the referral process.  Feel free to use our referral form or the referral form of your choice.  Just click on the links provided above, fill out and fax, and we will take care of the rest!

PHYSICIANS: A general referral form as well as a pelvic health referral form can be found above for your convenience. 

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